About Us 

C.U.E.P. Architectural Design and Construction Management is a newly established company dealing with your Architectural Design and Construction Management needs. Founded and established by Crizalde A. Umali a licensed Architect  and Edgardo R. Pedernal a seasoned architectural designer with vast experience in construction project management honed his craft both here locally and abroad. Both of them  obtain their degree in B.S. Architecture at M.S. Enverga University Foundation. They've done a wide  range of building types which includes numerous residential, commercial and institutional as well as land development projects.
      Each project brings with its unique circumstances, opportunities and challenges. In order to understand these they work collaboratively with clients, identifying issues, asking questions, establishing priorities and sharing information. It is a process of mutual discovery which is always interesting, rewarding, and forms the basis for design and for its proper construction.
       From the beginning to the end of a project they work especially hard to maintain good relations and communication between all members of the project team, which is essential for a successful outcome. Every effort is made to solve the client's programmatic needs in ways that achieve the best value for the available budget.
    As an Architect and Construction implementor  they aspire to create work that is economical, functional, well crafted, harmonizing with the environment and enduring to the test of time. To them every building that they built is an artwork where people live and dwell. C.U.E.P. stands for a Construction with Unwasteful Expeditious Program.


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        Architectural Design 
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                                                                                     Crizalde A. Umali

                                                                             Edgardo R. Pedernal 
                                                             Construction Management    Specialist
                                                                               Architectural Designer

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